Mandatory E-Filing in Walworth County

March 11, 2016
On February 23, 2016 the Wisconsin Supreme Court adopted a petition that will require parties to file cases electronically (e-file). The approved plan calls for counties to implement mandatory e-filing in civil, small claims, paternity and family cases beginning on July 1, 2016.  Several counties are currently offering e-filing on a voluntary basis.
Currently Walworth County does not offer e-filing. Although the county is currently participating in Wisconsin Circuit Court Access (CCAP), that can be used for everyone to access information in the Walworth County, Wisconsin Circuit Court System, they currently do not accept e-filing.
However, mandatory e-filing in civil, small claims, paternity, and family cases shall be in place by the end of 2017. Further e-filing for all cases is proposed by the end of 2019.
The cost to e-file will start at $20.00 per case per party. However, the fee will be waived for indigent parties and governmental units represented by state, district, county and municipal attorneys, including public defenders and child support agency attorneys. E-filing will also be voluntary for pro-se litigants, but upon choosing to e-file, they will also be required to pay the e-filing fees.
The Supreme Court believes that e-filing will create greater efficiency for the court and users alike. It was further noted that the e-filing fee will be offset by savings of other costs associated with filing paper documents, including postage, paper, printing expenses and currier services.
Clair Law Offices recently updated its computer network to be fully prepared for the upcoming e-filing. The system is now faster, stronger, and better protects our clients’ personal data. It also allows for a quick implementation of the new requirements.