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Whether you are a new entrepreneur looking to start a business; an established local, small business owner seeking legal support; or a large corporation in need of local counsel; Clair Law has the business savvy and experience to generate efficient, effective legal solutions for your business needs. Our attorneys have assisted corporate entities located in Lake Geneva, restaurants in Delavan, and banks throughout Walworth County. We assist a variety of businesses in Southeast Wisconsin.

Our attorneys are experienced in the following areas:

Employment Law Matters Limited liability Companies
Contracts Sub Chapter S Corporations
Merger and Acquisition Transactions Partnerships
Shareholder Disputes Collections
Mediation Shareholder Agreements
Arbitration Closely-held Business Transactions
Commercial Litigation By-Laws
Corporate Governance Articles of Incorporation

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Business and Corporate Law

Ownership Liability for Business Debts

The major distinction between a sole proprietorship and partnership as compared to corporations is a concept known as “limited liability.” The sole proprietors and each partner of a partnership are personally liable for all the debts of the business. Owners of a corporation, known as stockholders, have limited liability. They are not personally liable for the corporation’s obligations, unless the corporation is improperly operated and a creditor were to pierce the corporate veil.

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